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One Unique Body At A Time...We believe training is not a group sport and more importantly that a fitness plan shouldn't fit everyone.(480) 596-7754
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Personal coaching tailored toward your individual goals is what you receive at Urban Garage Gym. When you're looking for a unique fitness program to help you get in the shape you've always wanted to achieve, you need to visit our gym in Scottsdale, AZ. We're all about re-shaping and transforming bodies of all ages and health levels.
At UGG, you'll receive detailed instruction from our personalized trainers who are dedicated to keeping you on track for your optimal fitness goals. We employ a strict regimen at our updated gym which incorporates elements of  Cybex machines, free weights, cardio, yoga mats, and more. You get a complete workout in a friendly environment, and you'll quickly know that your workouts are making a real difference. 
Are you looking for a fun, exciting, and engaging spin class to help you stay in top physical shape? At Urban Gearz, it's our goal to deliver an amazing spin class experience that will leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed. When you’re looking for a fun, communal way to relieve stress and lose weight, you need to sign up for a class at Urban Gearz.
When you visit our premier indoor cycling center, you'll experience a cycling class that will make you feel fit and focused! Our instructors are experts at training, inspiring, and helping others. No matter what your fitness goals are, we'll help you reach them through challenging and rewarding cycling classes that will leave you feeling happy and proud. 
No matter what your experience level is, we expect you to be challenged to perform at your highest rate throughout our spin classes. Our cycling trainers are experts in their field, and they will give you a fun but motivating workout. 
Our classes and routines are structured and focused so you never have to worry about classes drifting. Additionally, we utilize new state-of-the-art bikes that will improve your workout and enhance your bicycle workout.
Are you ready to lose weight and get into shape in a fun and engaging way? Then visit us today or call us at (480) 596-7754 to sign up for our classes.
item imageUrban Garage Gym

URBAN GARAGE is about reshaping and transforming bodies of all ages and health levels. We believe working our isn't a group sport and more importantly that a fitness plan shouldn't fit everyone.

At Urban Garage, you will not only work one-on-one with your own personal trainer and receive 100% attention, but your entire plan will be built around you and will CHANGE as your body starts to reap the results.

Urban Garage is fitness for the INDIVIDUAL.

item imageMitch Lewallen

the driving force for Urban Garage. It is Mitch's passion that has made this facility a reality. Realizing a lack of innovation to the fitness industry and a lack of tailoring approaches to clients, Mitch developed lifestyle methodologies to bridge the gap to his clients. Mitch left a successful company he started, in order to follow his dream of fitness training. He has the power to push people to transform themselves because he believes they can do it, and through his belief, he helps them to believe themselves.

item imageMichelleis an accomplished fitness competitor and personal trainer. She has a deep knowledge of personal training, nutrition and cardiovascular exercises. Michelle sets the pace for rapid improvement - and her clients love the results.

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